About us

The beginning

The Integral System Art Ltd. is a service company specialized in the detection, documentation and analysis of IT networks.

The company was founded on August 21, 2000, to help companies track their IT systems as efficiently as possible so they can keep up with the ongoing technological innovations and developments.

The Netopgraf network modeling and documentation system is backed by more than 10 years of development and over 20 years of network operation experience, design and many long-term references.


Our mission is to spread the idea of structured and reliable documentation as the must-have foundation for any network operation.

Our goal was to create a graphical CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) that allows us to model the structure, configuration and topology of IT networks. This CMDB is a safe basis for IT operations. It is a tool that supports everyday work in an efficient way.


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Challenges and solutions

Modeling IT infrastructures is a difficult task and we have to face a lot of challenges while doing it, one of these challenges is the continual innovation of manufacturer technologies. All the network documentation softwares need to be adapted to the constantly renewing technological solutions with regular customization and software development.

This is why we have created the Netopgraf service system, which can not only map, document, model and monitor the structure of the IT system of the company, but it can quickly integrate the latest technologies into the system with the help of the target software and framework developed by us for this reason.

Netopgraf system description

We have found the solution for the upcoming challenges. Our software is not only a database or an average graphic software but a system developed exactly for this reason that is able to handle the IT network as a whole and has an understanding about the connections of the physical and logical topologies. We offer a real solution and a helping hand to our customers by modeling the structure of their IT network system.

The Netopgraf is not just a software but a service package that includes technology tracking and customization to make sure that every specialty of your IT network is managed correctly.

The Netopgraf system is a Hungarian development so we can provide a fast and adaptable service to our clients. Out product is the service which is supported by the software, and the division of labor can be flexibly scaled from outsource to software purchase with system support.

We provide our services directly or through partners. Most of our users require regular update services. We strive for a long-term relationship with our customers and our oldest banking and telecom provider has been using our service for more than 10 years.

Netopgraf includes:

  • an inventory of the network and all related devices
  • hardware and software architecture,
  • physical and L2 / Vlan / L3 / vrf / VPN logical topology.
  • Displays the database graphically,
  • suitable for up-to-date IT operation processes.

Our dedicated team pays attention to the needs of our customers so we can provide the solution that meets the expectations.

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