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Graphical network documentation and modeling service

Netopgraf is a web based application that can graphically represent hardware and software configuration and the topology of IT networks in multiple OSI layers.

The Netopgraf system supports the products of many manufacturers and various technology solutions.

Network discovery, collection of configuration data and regular updates are managed within our service. A significant part of the process is automated, therefore changes can be tracked efficiently and quickly.

The system integrates the physical location of the cable network and the L2/L3 logical topologies.

Because of their hierarchical structure the diagrams provide comprehensive and detailed information about the network.

The system has been introduced at several large companies, financial institutions and telecom providers and has been operating successfully for several years now. The Netopgraf system has been met the requirements of all reviews (audits) so far.

Customized service

The Netopgraf system is a software supported service. We always customize the level and the details of our service so we can fully meet the expectations and needs of our customers.


Integrated solution

In the Netopgraf system, we document the layer1, layer2 and layer3 logical connections. With this integrated solution we can create an accurate documentation of the entire network simultaneously.

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On-Site survey

We provide a quality, systematic survey. Data is uploaded to the Netopgraf system so an inspected documentation of sites and cable networks are provided on the spot.


Engineering tool

The Netopgraf system provides a reliable, accurate and detailed view of the IT network architecture, network topology, and configuration. The resulting model will be a target tool that is well suited for engineering analyses and reviews.


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