The pricing of the Netopgraf products and services consist of
3 components:

Technology modules

The technological characteristics and quantity of the objects to be documented determine the base of pricing. We offer packages of different types, which can be assembled by our customers on demand, and the packages can be expanded later. Our pricing is degressive, based on the number of items and it doesn’t depend on the number of users.

Licence categories

By selecting from the different Licence categories and their associated services our customers can decide whether they wish to edit the documentation of their IT network themselves or to outsource the editing tasks to the service provider. The Licence categories cover all levels between viewing and fully editing the documentation. Licence fees appear as a one-time fee in pricing.


Our service includes the migration of the data from the existing documentation systems (Migration Service). This migration process is done by us personally and we check the validity of the current documentation during the process. The network documentation made by us is regularly updated as part of our service (Update Service) so we can keep our customers always up to date.

Our prices are personalized in every case!

For further information or personal presentation please contact us via phone or email.


+36 20 933 5597


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