Licence categories

Viewer Licence

The Netopgraf Viewer Licence allows you to view, analyze, make searches and generate reports from the graphical IT model made by and regularly updated by the service provider. The IT model contains the inventory, configuration data and physical and logical topology of the elements. These information are graphically displayed and stored in an SQL database.

The Viewer Licence allows you a read-only use of the documentation. The diagrams of the documentation can be viewed and navigation between the diagrams is included. With this Licence the display and search functions (Log Search, Free Text Search, complex search functions) and the CableTrace tool are available for the user.

The pricing of the Viewer Licence is based on the number of items within the technology modules.

Operator Licence

With the Netopgraf Operator Licence the database can be modified and within the Patch Management system the patch cables can be registered through the graphical interface. With the Cable Trace function the cable sections can be tracked and their correctness can be checked in bulk based on the logical topology.

By having the permissions of the Operator Licence the details of the objects in the documentation can be modified and saved in the database.

The Patch Management functions can be used and with these functions the patch-cables can be administrated, added, deleted and modified. By adding/deleting patch-cables the L2 connections created by the cable sections get added/deleted automatically.

The Operator Licence is a unit priced licence category.

Editor Licence

With the Netopgraf Editor Licence the nodes in t he documentation can be edited. The elements can be replaced, resized, their appearance can be modified. Links can be added between the existing nodes. This could be useful in the case of links that cannot be discovered (eg.: service lines). You can specify different administrative details (eg.: identification of telecommunication lines) and you can create Clone diagrams which will contain specific segments of the network.

With the Editor Licence the nodes on the diagrams can be moved along with the associated links. The nodes can be resized resulting the modification of the positions of the links and labels and – depending on the settings – other parameters of the nodes as well.

With the Editor Licence L2 and L3 links can be added manually to the existing nodes.

The Editor Licence is a unit priced licence category.

Builder Licence

With the Netopgraf Builder Licence new objects can be added to the documentation. With intelligent functions complex operations can be done in one step. The Builder Licence includes the Editor functions. Cross patch-panels and their ports can be added in one step and sockets can be linked together based on their labels.

By having the Builder Licence permissions a specified number of new node objects can be added to the system by the Builder user.

The amount of objects that a user can add to the system can be expanded by contract. After the expansion new objects can be added to the documentation up to the maximum amount of objects specified by the extended package.

The pricing of the Builder Licence is based on the number of items within the technology modules.

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