Migration Service

The Netopgraf Migration service includes loading of the existing documentation provided by the customer into the Netopgraf system. Loaded data will be given a unified format, appearance and structure. We personally supervise tthe migration of the existing documentation and we also verify the validity of the current documentation during import.

We offer a solution for migrating widely used documentations (netViz, Visio, etc.) and custom documentation structures too (Excel, CAD drawings, etc.).

Loading data is always done in a software-controlled manner, logging the elements to the customer
that the system was able to process without any error after the consistency test. During the upload the system automatically completes and sometimes corrects the previous documentation.

Some examples of such additions and corrections: The ports of a particular type of chassis and their modular cards or the ports of the patch panels are indexed automatically by the system. Patch panel ports and sockets will be linked together in case of having the same label, even if it was missing from the initial documentation. Possible duplications are filtered out and logged by name and/or serial number.

The information loaded into the Netopgraf system is always a larger, more accurate, controlled database than it was before and this database provides a solid basis for efficiently tracking the changes in the future.

Update Service

Within the Netopgraf Update service devices from the purchased technology module are
updated with automated detection, online data collection and by processing the collected data. This is a managed service because we check the results and make the necessary setting changes, customizations, developments or indicate them to the customer if they are within the control of the customer. Updates are made by tracking the changes of all devices which were in the purchased technology module package. Data collection and processing of data cover the inventory data, configuration data, and topology data within the purchased technology module.

Depending on technology, manufacturer, and customer configuration settings there are differences and limitations in the level of automation. The description of these limitations can be found in the details of the technological modules and the management of the given limits are specified in the offer after negotiations. The information unreachable by automated collection can be added manually into the system.

Documentation Update

By doing complete data collection and processing we update the documentation with tracking

Tracking device type

We prepare the system to be able to handle new types of devices that have not yet been known.

Graphical additional work

In case of deleting/adding new objects we update the diagrams so that you will see a clear and
accurate version of your network.

Analysis of logs - Checking the completeness of management systems

Redundant data collection allows us to examine the completeness and consistency of data files
exported from management systems, and provide feedback to their operators if administrative
shortcomings or configuration errors were found during data processing.


During the updates we make the customizations that our clients have requested or which are being
necessary during processing.

Tracking software

The service includes software compliance for purchased software modules and the installation of
license for new releases.

Software Support

The Netopgraf Software Support provides support for the system for easy use. Any errors may be reported during business hours and we will begin to repair them on the next business day the latest and finish them on average within 5 business days.

As part of the service we provide fixing for the purchased software licenses and feature upgrades for the new software versions. Software licenses require the purchase of annual software support.
The updates includes tracking of the changes to all devices in the purchased technology modules.
Data collection and processing include inventory data, configuration data, and topology data for the
purchased technology modules.

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