Network analysis system

Network analysis system

The Netopgraf network documentation system provides a reliable, accurate and detailed view of the architecture of network devices, the network topology, and configuration based on online data collecting and configuration interpreting system . The network model made by us is suitable for analyzes and reviews. Analyzes can be performed at system level because the Netopgraf integrates L1, L2 and L3 topologies and configuration information.

The Netopgraf system takes photos of the network status so when you encounter errors, you can compare your network's current status and pre-error status. Analyzing the changes before the error occurs happens can be a great help in troubleshooting. We can examine the resilience of the network, the existence of redundant connections and their proper configuration. We can point out the weaknesses of the network. By repairing them and performing the necessary improvements we can prevent network downtime (proactive troubleshooting) in case of certain errors, thus increasing the availability of the network.

With the help of the TraceRoute function we can analyze the path between given IP stations on all three levels of layer1, layer2 and layer3. This way we can easily examine the impact of faulty devices on the availability of certain applications.

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